How and when will I know if I’ve won?

You can see your selected numbers for any bets under the ‘Lotto bets’ page in the ‘My Activity’ area of your player account. It will also display the winning numbers for the lottery draw you have bet on. Matching winning numbers are bordered in green, and the total number of matches is displayed. Your bet winnings will be displayed in the Winnings column.

How does my bank account get the withdrawal?

You must indicate which bank account you want your winnings deposited into as well as how much of your remaining balance you want to take out in order to claim your prizes. The account into which the earnings are to be deposited must be in the player’s name and be located in their nation of residency in order to guarantee that you are the only one who receives payment for your winnings and to avoid money laundering. Within a few business days, the withdrawn money will typically be put into your bank account.

Is there a guarantee for the payout? How am I aware of this?

We at Lottoland promise that you will receive your money, no matter how much the jackpot is.

You can wager on the results of the official draw at Lottoland. You will essentially enjoy the same level of customer service as if you were participating in the lottery through official channels. The only distinction is that we accept your wager and reimburse you should you win. There are two methods that we can accomplish this.

We give out lower reward tiers straight from the money we have left over after all ticket sales.

We purchase insurance coverage to cover the possibility of winning the jackpot or receiving a sizable payout from a lottery wager in order for us to be able to pay out the higher prize tiers. You pay a portion of the Lotto bet price towards the cost of this policy.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland have all registered and regulated us. We must demonstrate that we can afford to pay out the necessary winnings to our players and that we have the right policies in place to ensure this in order for us to keep these licenses.